Tuesday, August 16, 2011

we bought a swing!!

so the other day when we were locked out of the house... ya, that day, i bought us a swing. the one positive thing that happened because of the lock out. check it out.. cj build it today after work.. we ate dinner on it... and then read our books on it.. and love our new addition to our porch!!

the cj... my little builder!

final product.. it is the best!! i will swing every day until the snow comes.. and what a depressing day that will be!!


Samantha said...

I LOVE this. you guys recognized a pattern that is problematic in your lives (locking yourself out of your house) and you figured out a way to make it more pleasant. It's seriously genius. I would love a swing like that.

Brady and Brittany said...

oh i love it. i want to be on it.