Monday, August 15, 2011

we are not young and single anymore.. haha!!

so this weekend was great!!
getting locked out of the house..
pizza cookies...
lets start with Friday.
Friday, we went to work, the usual, and after work met up with my dear friend becky and her boy JR for some pizza and a movie. we went and saw the help, loved it! the book is always better, but the movie was great! caught the credits of an outdoor movie up on "naughty" capitol hill. GREAT PEOPLE WATCHING!
Saturday... BECKY's birthday!! the big 24!
the day was going great, we went to the farmers market in the morning, came home got ready to do our thing. cj was going to go golfing while i went to the pool. we walk out the door with all of our things... then it hit us, NO KEYS!! we are locked out of our house and the car keys are inside. don't worry this isn't the first time we have done this... and you think we would have learned our lesson last time and got a key. nope, we are pretty special!
last time the key guy came in an opened our door by putting a wide under the door and reaching around and pulling the handle open. it looked easy, took like 20 minutes. cj and i were like done, and done, we are doing that.
basically three hours of being locked out. we finally got a spare key and got inside the house.
it messed up our plans and day BIG time. (we missed cj's buddy from high school, danny's, wedding reception... dont worry card is already in the sorry!!)
that brings us to finally coming to the pool.. and hanging out with friends for becca's party.

cj and danny
the birthday girl and the boy JR
me and the cj
us girls... camie is like a different race she is so tan!!
the birthday group. so this year Becca said it was her year.. and she was feeling lucky and wanted to go to wendover. (basically it is the most white trash place that you can gamble... and it is an 1 1/2 hours away)
everyone came over to our place... we played a little Mario kart. blah, blah, blah... we don't leave until 1am. we had to wait for everyone to get here. (i was so tired at this point, i never stay up late anymore since i am married)
off we go...
this picture is at like 3am... outside of the rainbow casino... we all hit up McDonald's.. because it was the only fuel that could keep us going at that point.
stay classy my friends, stay classy. cj gave my $50 bucks... it was gone in like 5 minutes.. i was then determined to make it all back.. and some. our group goal was $2000... haha.. i think we were so tired.. we were going crazy!! haha
basically... lets just say.. i am not bad at the black jack. yes, i paid my man back.. and i walked with almost $200. when we finally left this place... we walked outside and the sun was shining... that was my moment of shame.. who does that?? haha. it was really fun, really random, and a great way to stay classy!! haha
this is what cj and i walked away with... and i look so tired, beat, and like i am crazy.. because i really was!
toni and aaron showed up like 3 hours later... cj and i took a quick lil nap... woke up feeling like we got hit by a truck!! haha. we said we are not young and single anymore.. and we couldnt do that anymore..
we went and ate some pizza at my favorite place settabello's.. .it was bomb. played some wii... and by that point i couldn't keep my eyes open.. had to take another nap. (sorry about that T & A... bad hosts... i will never go gambling the day before you come again!! haha)
made some corn dogs for dinner... and made mini pizza cookies... they were a TREAT!! i bought these cute little pans.. and they were perfect.. and i think they were better than the ones you get at restaurant's.
we are just so fun!! i love visitors!! they left this morning... i went to work... and i almost lost my mind... if you know me, i am sure you have heard me tell you about it!! haha

today was tera's birthday... she also was up here this weekend.. so we went and got some sushi and a waffle.. the usual.. every visitor we have... we find that excuse to get a waffle.. and lets just say we convert them.. and they always come back!! happy birthday sister!!

we were pretty busy.. and now we are pretty beat. totally worth it all!!
two more weeks of work.. and we are off to our east coast trip.. and i am SO EXCITED!!!
i love my life. i love being a wife!

thanks for reading.. more to come.. when something fun happens in our life!!


Toni said...

Glad we got to stop by and say hello and eat cookie pizzas! Its sad when you realize you are not made for the all nighters...haha

Erin Lee said...

WOW. I love your posts because you and your husband do so freaking much! I need to hit up the waffle place...I saw one today across from the farmers market that the one you go to??