Thursday, August 11, 2011

four strikes and a hike.

so yesterday after work, cj and i wanted to go play some tennis, the usual routine. we went to one place, no open courts. went to another, and another, and another.. finally after 4 tries... we were done.
we then decided we were going to go on a hike...
it turned out to be perfect.. we hiked to the top of ensign peak just in time for a pretty sunset!
it turned out to be a great day!!

me at the peak, we made it, two thumbs up!!

if you can read that... that is pretty sweet..
just capturing some moments!!
so pretty!!
that was yesterday... great day!!

as of late.. i got back from a very long and hot week in AZ for work... lets just say... i was SO EXCITED TO COME HOME!! that pretty much sums up my week. IN ALL CAPS!!

umm.. what else.. my sisters/bro in law aaron are going to be up in my hood of the SLC this weekend. i just love visitors.

can you believe it is almost SEPTEMBER?? where did my summer go... i dont like to think about it.. but the cold is coming.. that is upsetting!! (so lets just not think about it)

Happy day!!

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Kaci said...

what happened to your tennis club? sounds like a fun day and I'm glad you've started taking pics again--it's much more exciting with pictures!