Wednesday, June 29, 2011

good times.

the past couple days have been so fun.
on saturday my parents came in... we played doubles, went to dinner at the pie, walked around the art festival, came home and watched a movie.
on sunday, we walked around temple square and up memory grove..
the parental units came to church and after church, i whipped up a home cooked meal.. and ate before they headed up to park city.
monday we went up, ate dinner (we eat a lot.. haha), and went to the hot tub...
same routine on tuesday.. but cj and pops went golfing while mom and i went to the pool... I LOVE VISITORS!!
but lets back it up... on friday my friend amberlina and jesse flew in from texas, and came over!! i loved it. we played just dance... jesse gave amber a run for her money... i do have an awesome clip of them dancing.. but i am pretty sure amber would kill me if i put it up.

tonight a couple of "old roommates" went out to dinner... i didnt get a pic, i suck!! but amber did come over after dinner... so we didnt pee our pants... and we captured some moments.
she also gave me some treats for my birthday... i love!!
candle and some lip favorite... with this cute thing!!!
(you will need to turn your head.. i forgot to rotate it)
i wish she lived closer.. i miss her face!

tomorrow... we are going to a rodeo with the parents and friends... pictures to come...

friday we head to VEGAS... and then on to CA... home sweet home.. beach, here we come!!
just a little update for all my followers!!


Rachel H said...

you guys are so fun! i wish we lived in SLC so we could walk and bike ride everywhere! that sounds like a blast. you are so tan. stop it.

keri mae rhineer said...

get married.. and move up here... we can be friends!!

shields family said...

The Oakley Rodeo is the best one in the state of UT, hope it was amazing!! And one of these days we will see you guys......

carlyjo said...

Such a cute blog! I'm excited to follow. Came across it somehow. You should follow my world travels if you want! :)