Monday, July 11, 2011

i miss it already.

oh how i love vacations!!
so, two weeks ago when my parents were here... we started off our wonderful vacation with a nice RODEO up in Oakley.

ok, so i don't think i have been to a rodeo before... it stressed me out. at one point, i screamed bloody murder because i was so scared for the people on the bare back horses.. and the bulls. cj was embarrassed... he said i didn't blend in very well... he claims to be a real cowboy!
that night we slept up at the Marriott with the parents... and cj and i woke up at 4:00 AM laughing... because my loving parents snore with their whole heart.. and we were trying to make a plan and sleep in the hallway, bathtub, by the pool... we were desperate.. cj couldn't stop laughing.. it was great! i love you mom and dad!!
Friday, the boys went golfing... my momma and i went to the pool and headed down to our place to help us pack and clean... much needed!!
off we went... road tripping with mom and pops back to CA.
my dad always stops at the gas station in beaver to get an icecream cone.. keeping tradition.
we stopped in vegas, to break up the drive, and ate at the mirage buffet. my dad said he enjoyed watching cj and i eat, i guess it is because we are good eaters! haha!! we stayed at the TRUMP hotel... cj asked the lady at the front desk for a room that had a wall between us and the parents.. so we could sleep peacefully... cj and i did.. but i don't think mom and pops did.. sorry about that. i guess the upgrade wasn't as sweet as we thought it would be. woke up, went for a swim and went for the final stretch of the drive. with a lil detour, we met up with grandma and grandpa (they are the cutest) I LOVED seeing them!

Saturday... we played some tennis when we got home with my lil brother ty ty... i had to show him i stepped up my game... i gave him a run for his money!
Sunday... we went to church... hung out, ate dinner, and decided to have a family activity of tennis.. so we went and played... came home dripping in sweat!
MONDAY, MONDAY.... every year since i can remember (except for when sam and kyle got married.. haha, i forgive you for that) we go to the beach.... and we go EARLY. this year we went to Carlsbad beach.. we prepared for the worst. meaning.. it would be super crowded. woke up at 5:30 am... on the road by 6:00 am to go stake our territory... lets just say we were over prepared.. or people don't come to the beach anymore because we had our spot all day.. with TONS of space.
ty and cj made up this beach tennis game with our paddle ball set.. and we were hitting the balls so long and so hard... just look how sweaty they are... we play hard.
this was taken at the end of our day.. this is when bailey was loosing her mind. she was yelling at the sand.. and at one point i turned around and she was giving this girl sarah the worlds longest hug.. it was so funny!!
this is lil baby brooklynn... she is the CUTEST!! her cheeks are to die for... she is just chillin in her car seat.. she is a true beach babe.. hung out all day!!
oh, and that day was my birthday as well.. i turned the big 24... i am feeling pretty old!!
we came home and lit some left over wedding sparklers...
cj was totally pumped about it!!
i discovered this cool thing on my camera... and i took some sweet pics!! i am such an artist!! haha
Tuesday... woke up feeling fried like a lobster. CJ and I were RED!! his poor lil feet were fuchsia.. and my whole body.. i even put tons of sunscreen on too.. i guess we sweated it off... cj went golfing.. i went to the beach and pushed through the burn... that is what we call a dedicated beach bum... and i sure was.

that night we played volleyball at the church with our fam and some friends. my bff britt came over.. and i loved it!! i love her, it is always so fun coming home because it is like nothing has changed. our team won... enough said.. and cj and i are weird... and i like it!

we came home from volleyball to bailey peacefully sleeping on the couch next to papa.. it was so funny... look at her.. she was so tired.
one night we went to eat.. and we drink a lot of diet coke (cj drinks coke, he will some day give in) the server brought us all 2 mugs.. it was GLORIOUS!! that is what i am talking about... i love my DC. yes, we might have a lil addiction.. but hey, totally worth it!!
wed, we went up to Irvine and shopped our lil hearts out... thanks to aaron and his hook up!! THANKS AARON!
then we ate at the yard house... delish!
cj and i.. adorable!!
kaci and brian!!
toni and aaron.

the rest of the week was filled with beach (everyday), tennis, running with my sisters, mom, and the babes, more volleyball at the church, just dance on the Wii (cj was the champ), eating, hanging out with the fam.. and LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!! i miss the beach in my life.
sunday night we flew home...
look how pretty the sky was... bye bye california!!

sorry this was an info/pic overload.... but i have been pretty busy as you can tell!
today, Monday, we both were so tired. we decided we LOVE vacations!!
work... was a lil rough!!
it does feel good to be home though! we love our lil place here in the SLC!!

the next BIG thing that is keeping me going is our east coast trip in SEPTEMBER!!

anyways.. thanks fam for letting us stay and play!! i wouldn't want it any other way!! (totally rhymed)

happy Monday!!


Jess Heather CK and Shay said...

YOu two are so cute! we should double sometime!

Kaci said...

we had so much fun with you guys last week!! i'm super sad you don't live closer. Bailey asked today if we were going to the beach with Keri and CJ. I told her no and she got really sad and asked why. It's hard to explain distance to little kids. I can't wait until next time...whenever that may be (I will beat CJ at dance by then)!