Sunday, June 19, 2011

oh, the summer festivities!

Friday... i was off to a rocky start! haha
no one was at work... i mean no one... and it was just so nice outside.. long story short,
i left work early and went to a pool. i needed it!
cj was golfing with friends from work, he didnt get home till like 7, so i took my time hanging by the pool!
we went to the red iguana... delish! the BEST mexican food and ended with a waffle. if you want a treat come up here to eat a waffle.. not going to lie, we had two this weekend.

SATURDAY... was packed with activities!
cj went golfing AGAIN.
i cleaned the house.... much needed.
rode our bikes to the farmers market. ate some food. GREAT people watching!
rode our bikes to play tennis... serious tennis... the last thing i said to cj was
"we need sunscreen"
this is what happens... when you forget that stuff... much pain.. and some serious tan lines.
not going to lie, we have improved our tennis game A LOT!
we had our tennis lesson last week.. and put the new technique to work.
not too shabby!
went to costco... once again... went shopping for a family of 8!
ate some pizza and a hot dog... came home emptied the groceries... hopped on our bikes and went down to the gateway to check out chalk walk... it was pretty sweet.
these were some of our favorites...

this one was really cute. it is cj and i with our dog.. haha!
jk... we wont have a dog any time soon.
this one above... really was so good!! amazing details

umm....harry potter!! i am so excited for the last movie to come out!
we rode our bikes around town... and once again, got a waffle and headed home.
i always love riding home to this!

we both are lobsters... had a great day... so tired.. difficult sleeping when our skin was on FIRE!!

this week i am looking forward to my parents coming up to visit.
amberlina is coming to visit.
then we are off to CA for a week... o i need a vacation!
i will come back a year older... i am getting old!
a shade darker... i plan on basking at the beach, tennis, and hanging out with the fam bam!!


Samantha said...

I love reading your blog because 1) you are my sister and I miss you and 2) I get to remember and relive through you the glory days we lived before TWINS ROCKED OUR WORLD. Man, so much fun. You guys are living it up and I LOVE it and ENCOURAGE it.

Brady and Brittany said...

I love your downtown life!!!!! I WANT IT!!! Love you guys!

Kaci said...

you are a sun rookie! did you ever live in CA? just kidding, but i hope your lobster burn goes away before you come down for a week of beach. i can't wait to see you guys!!

Toni said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! I am at work. I now understand your pain!