Thursday, May 5, 2011

rejection.. not fun

so i went to a sky west interview, to be a flight attendant, thinking it would be fun.
i check in and hand in my resume. (in my mind, things are looking good.)
next step, they ask me to take off my shoes to measure me. i did.
"sorry you are too tall for this position, 5'8" is the tallest we accept."

i didn't know sky west hired midgets.

they handed back my resume and put a line through my name.

total interview time: 5 minutes.


on a good note... today i rode my bike to work. loved it!

sat outside in the sun for made me happy!!

tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!

whoop whoop!!


Toni said...

nice. i am also used to rejection.

Samantha said...

This is TOTALLY blowing my mind because I always thought you were shorter than me... but I'm 5'8". My world has just been turned upside down.

And that is seriously crazy. And heightist of them.

Tera said...

so you're saying i could be a flight attendent? maybe it's my calling in life