Sunday, May 8, 2011

fun weekend!!

this was the last hoorah for cj... from here on out, till june 4th, he is studying HARD CORE!
it all started on friday, i came home to these cute lil things... cj surprised me!!
my first flowers as a married lady.
(i know we have been married a while, cj is having a late start.. hehe)
then we went and golfed 9 holes... well, i sat in the cart, and cj played.
went to sushi... we now are firm believers that we like FRESH sushi... not fried!!
lets just say we felt a lil sick after the fried stuff... so we went home and watched a movie.

SATURDAY.. i rode my bike to the park and went for a jog. the jog was then interrupted by a phone call from cj, telling me that our friends were at our house and wanted to go to lunch.
quick run... just enough for a lil meal!! haha

cj and i played some intense tennis, we are getting better (a.k.a. i am getting better, so cj can have a little more competition.)

went to dinner with friends then went to the bee's game (baseball)
no pictures were taken, so i have no proof... but i promise we did all this.. and i loved it!!
today is MOTHERS DAY!!!
today we went to provo... spent time with cj's mom.. and family!! always a good time!
mom's are just the best!!
i love my mom. she is the best.
i like this picture... from the wedding!!
cj and is mom!

let the week being... i am already counting down the days for the weekend!!

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