Wednesday, April 20, 2011

target treats!!

everytime i go to target, thinking it will be a quick trip, i usually leave with more than i thought.

let's just say it isnt cheap... but i love it!!

here are some of my treats.... that i HAD to buy:
MY NEW FAVORITE THING... it is so fun to put on! i suggest you all get an eos chapstick!!
i have this thing where i almost ALWAYS check out with a new chapstick.. i am collecting them all.

this one makes me happy!

i over did this cereal... living with amberlee, who i miss so much. (tell jesse to hurry up with med school and live next to us!!) anyways, this is the first time i have boutght a box of c.t.c. kinda a big deal!!umm.. hello... $2.79 a box.. YES i loaded up!!

everyone needs yoga mats... haha.. the only time i tried to take a yoga class, i had to leave because i was laughing too much. lets just say this was the most random target trip!! it makes me laugh that i got these.

easter treat. i was craving sugar in the store.
tis the season!

i have a problem with buying nail polish. dont worry, i didnt buy all four colors, i bought the one on the far left. i wanted a new color.
the list goes on.. but i thought i would share my target treats with you.

does anyone else have this problem when they go to target??

or is it just me?

i am not even mad about it...


Rachel H said...

um yes. this is my life. i NEED to try that chapstick!! love it. go to and they have tons of coupons for stuff! if youre into that kinda thing..haha i always use coupons for the stuff i need and save a few bucks! and i NEED to stock up on ddp if its only 2.75!!! amazing.

Brady and Brittany said...