Thursday, April 21, 2011

date night

i love it when cj says... dont attempt to cook a meal, we are going out! it is the best thing to hear coming home from a long day at work.

cj is celebrating because he doesnt have to go to work tomorrow... i do.
i will take the excuse to go out anytime!!
this is for you cj... for getting work off tomorrow... while i am working, bringing home the money.. haha!
i love it when i say pose.. he is a natural!

we rode our bikes down the hill(pretty chilly) and ate at this new place called blue lemon.
you should go!! right across the street from the temple.

after, we walked to the deseret book store for a while...
cj reading
pretty flowers in the deseret book store... fresh flowers!!
i tried to be artistic with this picture.. haha... i tried. (good thing i am not a photographer)

bought some things..

cj- representing utah with this pic.
keri- san diego temple is coming in the mail (dont worry, there will be a post when it comes)

we rode our bikes home... and i love riding home to this view!!
we are pretty lucky!
that is cj holding our picture.

hope you all have a HAPPY EASTER!!


Brady and Brittany said...

That picture of CJ riding his bike towards the temple needs to be FRAMED!!! It's sooo beautiful. I love your house. I love you guys. I had a dream about you last night....I need to talk to you about it ASAP. Love you!

shields family said...

i miss living downtown slc!! enjoy it.

toni said...

nice post. nice temple pic. nice view.