Saturday, September 17, 2011

Washington DC... in a nutshell!

SUNDAY: cj and i were going to start our adventure. DC= a lot of walking. i am a "rookie traveler" cj said, because i cared more about outfits and looking cute. let me tell you.. i purchased some runners... almost a fanny pack. comfort is more important. my poor feet were broken in dc... but i did look really cute!!
first stop: mr. presidents house.

in the front.
now, in the back. this day was very HUMID. cj and i would just start laughing at each other because we both were just sweating it out.
washington's monument
ok, so by this time my feet were broken. when we came across this, i couldnt resist, shoes off and feet in. this also was a WWII memorial, so i did feel a little weird putting my feet in, but there were kids just getting in, so i didnt feel too bad. next stop, mr. lincoln's memorial

the building was huge! i kept saying to myself, dc is heavy, because everything was made from marble... like really heavy building. haha (i know, i am weird)
mr. lincoln.
we were just totally pumped to sit down.
one thing that was a bummer, the reflection pool was under construction, so instead, we had a big dirt pile view.
after this, we went to the old estate of general lee's...a.k.a. the Arlington's cemetery.
it was crazy how big this place was.
this is the tomb of the unknown soldiers. a place where all the unidentified remains of soldiers are kept. there is a guard 24 hrs of the day on guard. it was pretty cool to see.
we walked around for a while in here looking at all the graves. it really made us proud to be american.
iwo jima memorial statue. this was the last stop of the day... and it doesn't look like a lot but... IT WAS MILES of walking!! haha. we then caught the metro to mike and sara's house for dinner!! sara made some bomb pizza. i didn't take a picture of that.

MONDAY: the next day, mike and sara met us for breakfast. we went and ate at the founding farmers. it was DELISH (also didn't take a pic). we were going to hit up mike and sara's new hood with them. they have only been here for 3 weeks, so they haven't seen everything yet, so we all went and explored together..
we went to the holocaust museum. i love learning about this time period. usually you have to pay to get in, but since it was a slower season, we got in for free!

next, we went to the thomas jefferson memorial. once again, heavy building.
the cj and i.
the view from there was cool. it over looked the lake and you could see the big city.

Next, we went to the F.D.R. Memorial.. Where we took the most amazing pics. By this time.. cj and mike were over taking pics... but Sara and I held strong, in doing so, we got the best moments. this one for example... Sara is straddling the doggy. Classic.

Next picture even gets better…. We wanted to get in line and act like the statue. Mike and I were confused.. we didn’t know to look straight ahead or at the camera… just enlarge this pic, it is freaking funny, we couldn’t stop laughing after we took it.

After F.D.R, we went to the new Martin Luther King memorial. This was packed with people because I am pretty sure they dedicated it that day. There was this quote… and then he was cut out of the rock.

Next= more walking…. I wore my toms this day.. better than my gold sperry shoes, but it rained that day.. so my feet were wet and hurting.. haha. CJ would just say.. told you so… but I had to get cute for pictures. So we then went National Gallery… saw some painting.

yeah... we ate a lot.
We were hungry after this… we went to Georgetown.. the cutest little town with shopping, Georgetown cupcakes, and we got some burger (didn’t capture a pic here.. we just got our food and ate, little conversation, we were starving). That was the end of that day. We said bye bye.

TUESDAY: we went to the capitol building, the library of congress, supreme court, air and space museum, newseum (this was a new one, and I loved it), natural history, national archives, National museum of American history, and the portrait gallery. We walked it out.

here we are at the huge (heavy) Capitol building. it was raining and windy this day... that was nice.. we didn’t have to worry about sweating it up.

we were standing in the middle of the capitol building. we went on a tour and wore our head sets. there is just so much to say but not enough time to type it all.. i loved it.
each state had two people that represented their state. Utah... Brigham Young...represent.
the famous spiral stair case in the building.. it goes on forever.

the height of the flight attendants.. once again I am too tall. (remember when I got rejected from an interview earlier this year because I was an inch too tall)

I made CJ take a lot of pics where he had to pose.. this is a great example. he was a good sport for entertaining me.
This next museum was my favorite, it was the new newseum, history of news.

this is cj and the berlin wall.

It had tons of newspapers of major events in history that happened.

History of how news evolved. A place where you could act like a news reporter and they recorded it… so embarrassing, but fun, I did weather and cj did a sports game.

the famous door of the watergate scandal. pretty sweet. it just had a lot of cool things, i recommend it to anyone that is going to DC... worth it.
they had this whole section for 9/11 and it had part of the building with all the news on the wall. i always get tears when i read or see anything about 9/11. loved.

they also had funny this shirt.
we went and saw the original flag that inspired the star spangle banner song.

saw some cool things... this is at the natural museum of american history.

dorthy's red slippers, the original muppits, and dumbo.
Mr. Lincoln's hat.

we went and saw the hope diamond... it looks green, but it is blue.

this is at the national portrait art gallery. a lot of weird art... I liked this one. in here was also a picture of joseph smith... that was the one we were looking for.. it was a hunt!

I can’t remember where we ate that night.. but it was good.

we did the top 10 in the eyewitness travel book... AND A GRIP MORE!!

the next day we slept in... we were pretty tired... and we flew to BOSTON... that is DC in a nutshell. More posts to come... but I will let you all soak this one in... it is a long one, sorry, there was just so much to see!!

(I have so many more picture too.. but i had to be select)


Samantha said...

This trip looks like so much fun. I'm so glad you have a blog so I can feel like I totally went on your vacation! So, we've never been to DC and Kyle always jokes about wanting to go to DC and take a segway tour. When I told him about your trip just now, of course that was the first thing out of his mouth. "DID THEY TAKE A SEGWAY TOUR?!" I'm thinking your post of all of your walking has convinced me that maybe we WILL do a segway tour when we go there. haha.

Brady and Brittany said...

Love it! I never thought about the city being heavy, but I agree with you!!! How is it not sinking into the ground?1

The HimeBLOG said...

This looks like so much fun! Glad you finally posted. I've been missing your life - I live through your adventures. haha. BTW, Ker, think of all of the obese people on food stamps in DC, in addition to all that marble. I think you're right about the heavy city thing.

Sara said...

Classic pics. I'm glad we captured these moments. We had so much fun seeing you guys!!! Come again.