Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The road trip.

ok, so I lied. I am on a blogging kick... so I kept on posting our next chapter of the trip. KEEP READING... only if you want to.
we left really early.. i think 6 am... and it was pouring rain... kinda scary.. but it finally cleared up!!
we went to cooperstown to see the baseball hall of fame... took like 3 hrs to get there... got some breakfast because we got there before nine... when the place opens. so we at at his sweet hole in the wall diner.. it was funny!! finally we are ready to go see...1st day in history the place is closed due to flooding. below is a pic of a lot homes... we drove through...really sad.

what is even more sad (not really, but sad) there was a couple that flew in the night before from Texas, and drove 3 hours to get to the baseball hall of fame... the place was closed. it gets worse, so it was the cute mans 65th birthday present to come here... the wife made him a shirt with 65 on the back and his name Barry. they had one day to see this place.. they get here, and it is closed. they said to us.. "you are lucky you are young... you can actually come back", how sad is that???? all the way from Texas, they come to see this for his 65th, and the place is closed. this place is in the middle of nowhere.

so we kept our chins up.. and we continued our road trip to Niagara Falls.. the drive was beautiful. very LUSH!! we also got a speeding ticket... that sucked... and the cop was not nice.. you could tell he hated life.. haha

FINALLY... we made it. we stayed on the Canadian side of the falls for the night.

we took a boat ride... got really wet!

for dinner we went to this cute lil town called Niagara on the Lake. we saw a pretty sunset on the lake; it looks like the ocean because you just see never ending water, but it was lake Ontario. it was really pretty.

when we got back the falls were lit up.. it was hard to take a picture because I am not camera savvy. this trip inspired me to look into a camera class... on how to take and use a camera.. because I could have captured some great moments if I knew how.. haha

the next day we went to palmyra. one of my favorite things we did this whole trip.

joseph smiths house (well their 2nd house). went inside... it was amazing.
then we went into the sacred grove. AMAZING!!
us on the smith farm.
next we went to the Grandin printing press building. Where the book of mormon was first published. 5000 copies. if you owned a original copy today.. the worth is $100,000, crazy. the only reason they were printed because.. see pics below.
It was cool to go through the building and see how they made the book of mormon...i got the chills.
after, we went to the hit of the town... (which was funny... because it was so small.. and everyone was talking about it) it was a small lil place called chill & grill... this was their kids cone.
we downed those down... well almost.. we ate a ton of pizza right before this.. so we couldn't be apart of the clean plate club. (if you clean everything off your plate when you are eating... we usually are regulars in this club.. but we both threw in the towel.. ahah)
it was so pretty here.. so green!
here i am on Hill Cumorah. next we went to The Whitmer Farm House... this is where our church was organized... i loved learning about it.. we met awesome missionaries here and they told us cool stories.
we got there when it was closed... but the sister missionary was nice enough to talk to us and take a pic for us.

that night we stayed in syracuse, ny. there was an irish festival going on, so we went and ate corned beef, listened to some irish jams, and had great people watching!! very entertaining.

next day... we went back to the Cooperstown.
2nd time is the charm. IT WAS OPEN!! cj was totally pumped... just look at him!

ok so one of my favorite movies is league of their own... the original peach uniform. then there is me again... representing my team, the pads!!
cj loves this place!
pic on left: worth 3 million dollars. middle: cj and the big boys. right: us taking a pic with babe ruth.

next stop...NBA hall of fame!
it was a sporty road trip back to boston. i am not going to lie... they could totally ramp this place up... the baseball hall of fame was way cooler.

cj loves john stockton... middle pic is of M.J.'s lucky shorts he wore every game.. kinda sick.
cj.. loving the jazz... i was loving the old uniforms they had to wear.. a one piece. how uncomfortable.

took this pic for my brother ty ty.. he loves duke.

the cj.

we made the journey... had a beautiful car ride... ate great food.
on to the next part of our trip... BOSTON.
(it will be a shorter one... don't worry.. new york on the other hand... could be pretty long.. don't hate!)


Samantha said...

Keri you are doing such a good job documenting. I feel like I got to go on your trip with you. I love that you guys went off the beaten path to some cool places and didn't just stick with dc and nyc. I can't wait for more. Hurry up please.

Kaci said...

I love it so much I'm way beyond jealous!! Excellent work sista!