Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a new discovery

i have been blog stalking... and i stumbled across this place... and i am not even a jewelry person.. but it made me want to be... so i will work on it.

also here it made me want to be good at the computer.. and I WANT TO BE CRAFTY!!!
people out there... who are crafty... please hold a crafty class... i will attend!!

today is wednesday... middle of the week... almost over!!! whoop whoop!!
monday i am headed out to this state
for work... not pleasure. i wish i could spend a warm week of vacation there... anywhere out of the snow sounds like a dream. i fly back on friday.. all alone!! no husband... just me!! kinda sad about it. i will let you know how is goes.

on friday.. my sweet husband got tickets to see this:
and in march... we will see this... my dream is coming true!!!!
i used to watch the info channel on tv for this!!
i love the husband... he is great!!

yesterday we played
for like an hour... we were dripping sweat!!

the end.


Ty said...

Sister I dont know if ive told you this before, but i'm the best of my friends at just dance!! we need to have a sibling competition! LOVE YOU tyty

Toni said...

so many fun things...good one. take pics of your trip

Anonymous said...

looks like you learned a new blog trick the the links


nikki j said...

1. your blog is so cutsie.

2. i play dance 2 with my family and i looove it! great workout.

3. we need a phone date asap.

4. in this phone date, i want to know how married life is, your job, love and life!

5. miss you! hung out with amanda fields the other night. good stuff.

not-so single for life anymore. haha