Monday, February 14, 2011

the day of love

to start of the day... cj and i are ready to walk out the door and go to work.
cj: you got the keys??
keri: keys, check!
lock the door and walk out to the car, get to the car, no keys... cj also doesn't have a spare.
i then go to the HOA president who should have a spare key for everyone.. so i was like sweet.
our apartment just happens to be the only one with no spare key.
i call a locksmith... no no... i need to call a specific locksmith...
off to a great monday!!

over all... this day is funny. kinda over rated... but hey.. i love cj.
this year we said... NO GIFTS!!!
i thought i would be sneaky.... by wrapping this at work.
cj made reservations at the new yorker.. so i left work a lil early to get there.
we like to eat.
after his surprise gift... and lets just say he loved it. (he also said... o look what you got for yourself!!! hahah)
and surprise...
no we can have friends over... and play games... but really the real competition will be
the MR. vs. the MRS.
it could be intense!!
to finish off the day of love... cj took me to a chick flick that i have been wanting to see... and that is right.. cj liked it!! ha!!
our first valentines day was a success!!

here are some pictures from this weekend... we went to the church museum.. and found these gems!! we would be great pioneers.
i also bought these fancy items.
then we went and hit some golf balls... because it was a warm day.
54 degrees.
that is sad when i think that is warm.
oh happy day!!
summer is on the way!!

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Toni said...

oh day of love! ou did not buy the present for is a day of "your" love, so you got a love gift for the both of you! haha. justified. Change your font. ok good blog. ill do one soon