Wednesday, January 12, 2011

went home, came back, not a lot of pictures...

i dont know what my deal is, but ever since i have been married, i have been the worst at documenting our life...
i mean i just went home to ca for 11 days,
went to 2 weddings,
one being my sister and i have nothing to prove it!!
i love pictures.. but all of a sudden became anti. well, my 2011 goal is to document our life better!!

moments that i did capture were of my nieces and nephew... o how i love them!! they are the cutest! i wish i lived closer... so that i could play with them.
i am known as the crazy aunt, because when i see them i am just so excited, that i go a lil crazy... and they LOVE me!! hahaha

yup, we are ghetto... we totally put bailey in trash bags so she could play in the rain. she loved it. just look how excited she is...

just look how cute they are.... kate is so pretty... and owen is to die for!!
i took these pictures on my new phone.. i got the new Droid HTC, a fancy phone... it love it!!
thanks cj for washing my old phone, the new one is much better!!

now this lil one, is josi.. i love her round little head, and her luscious lips.. she kinda had a crush on cj... i liked that!!
this is the fam bam at my sister toni's wedding... in the photo booth!! i love those things.. i think i went like 12 times. i made up for not going into my photo booth on my wedding at hers!!
yes, i took a picture of a picture.. but it still is the bomb...

i loved going home and hanging out with my family and i am so excited that my sister is now a married lady... the wedding and reception was perfect!! i miss them already... until next time..

have a wonderful day!!


Samantha said...

Love it. will you text me these pictures???

toni said...

Keri I got married and you have no Pics!! WTH...its ok. good blog. Im bloggin on my honeymoon. haha