Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in utah... and the 2010 is coming to an end.

this is right out side of our place.. i wanted to show you how nice it really is.

to start off the Christmas season.. cj and i went ice skating and went to see the lights at temple square. only with one injury.. it was fun!! cj accidentally took me out... result... huge purple knee.

as cj would say.. i had my first real Christmas in the snow... but let me tell you.. it didnt even snow.. so PLEASE cj. haha. it was fun!!

cj and i opened all our gifts on Christmas eve... lets just say we went a lil crazy on each other. i mean am i mad about it... no.. but it was a lil REDIC!! haha!!
i know.. i look a lil crazy with my head band... what is new.. haha
cj got me a kindle... i LOVE it. some new kicks, chocolates, new fancy coat, glee, nano ipod... lets just say.. i got hooked up!!

i got cj some uggs, a bose ipod dock, new kicks, hoodie, some new golf shirts, JAZZ CUFF LINKS... pretty sweet. lets also say.. the wife hooked the man up too!!

after we opened out presents.. we headed down to PROVO and hung out with cj's family all weekend. it was fun. i also made cj get matching PJ's. at his house everyone wears PJ's on christmas eve, so i couldnt resist... just look how cute we are!!

we played games at the church on christmas. nothing like sweating on christmas day.... we also spent a lot of time doing this... so fun!! it made cj and i want to buy one.

i liked this lil clip.. because cj is dancing it up with a bunch of 6 year olds.. haha!! we got pretty competitive. cj is still pretty mad that i beat him at a beyonce song... haha

now it is time for the new year 2011
i am leaving the husband here in utah while i go to CA to hang out with my family and help out with my sisters wedding!! i am so excited.. also sad because i am leaving the husband for 9 days.

it has been a great 2010 year.

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