Saturday, November 20, 2010

i am not good in the kitchen... i am funny

so today, being saturday, i decided i would try one of my new recipes i found for cinnamon rolls.
the recipe seemed easy... so i was like, how are could i mess these up??
i follow the instructions.. i am feeling great!!
then, once it is ready to rise... it says place in a warm place and let it double in size.
i place it on top of the oven... while it is pre heating... for warmth.
so it doubled in size and i was going to roll it flat... to make the rolls.
i go to get it out.. the oven was so hot that it started cooking into bread from the bottom!!
(at this point i am laughing out loud... cj is sleeping because he stays up till like 4am studying.. and i am laughing about how bad i am in the kitchen)
i started to make a mess... spreading the dough everywhere... then i was like NO... i am going to make an invention.
cinnamon biscuits!!
long story short... i put butter, cinnamon, and powder sugar on a plop of dough...
tried to roll it up some how...
and put them in the oven for 22 minutes
then, i see how funny this is looking in the oven.. i call home and tell them the story... funny!!
maybe it is meant to be... i am not a good baker!! haha
so i put some butter on the top and some cream cheese frosting.... haha
take it to the husband in bed (yes... is is 11:30... he is still in bed)
they are pretty good!!
my invention was NOT a failure. just the presentation needs work.
just look how rough these suckers look... i just couldn't get my self to throw it all away... my whole morning!!
what can i say?? i am creative!!!
(my motto in the kitchen... haha)

there you have it... funny stuff!!
toni calls them.... "lil loafs"

i just try so hard... ya know??
but in the end, i feel great about them!!


Brady and Brittany said...

hahaha never give up! never surrender!! I FREAKING LOVE YOU! I laughed out loud at this post.

Kaci said...

They look pretty groteque, but how can you go wrong with dough, sugar, butter, and cream cheese frosting?! Forge ahead baker sister! Remember like a year ago you wante to open up a bakery? :)

Aaron and Mercedes Attig said...

Hahaha Keri I know why now I'm gonna come and see you! So we can teach you cinnamon rolls!!!