Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my new thing

so i discovered rachel ray's tv show.... now that we have cable and i love it. she teaches you how to cook.. and it is pretty easy stuff. i like her. anyways, so tonight i am attempting to make chicken curry. we shall see how it goes. while i was at the whole foods store i got some tips from this earthy man who worked there. then, the next meal i am going to attempt was this zucchini pasta she made with the kardashians... i like them... dont judge. i think the sister kim is pretty... and she has a booty too.. aint nothing wrong with curves. haha!! so that is my cooking life.

richelle came over yesterday and was laughing at my life... here i am on the floor scrap booking our honeymoon... so the stuff is all over. then she looks over at my sewing machine... and said "WHO ARE YOU KERI?? YOU'VE CHANGED"... haha!! i told her i am trying to be a good house wife... and i am warming up my domestic side... my life is pretty funny.

good news moment: i got an email saying that the our camera was fixed and they shipped it back to us on the 10th... so it should be here any day!! my life will be complete with my camera.

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