Monday, September 27, 2010

i am all GROWN up!!!

today... 1st day at modern display. i get a lil cube space... an hour lunch... haha... i think it will be fun. i am going to give this a shot people.
met the husband for lunch.
listened in on a THREE hour meeting.
work was over.
come home to the husband... he is locked out of the house, so i let him in.
tonight we are going on a bike ride to this AMAZING waffle place...
yup. we are HEALTHY!!! ahah
now i just need some new work clothes....i am going to try and pass that one on the husband and see what he says.


Matt said...

Hi Keri, I was on the internet with Katie and we found you blog. I just wanted to say hi. Tell CJ that I am very jealous of his manly bookshelf.

Toni said...

haha. keri you are becoming such a grown up.