Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're back... here is just lil peek

we made it back!!! it was so amazing... CJ suprised me and took me to Turks and Caicos... look it up, i had to... because i really never heard of it... we actually stayed in provo... funny right?? he said that is where i first met you, provo... haha

I LOVED my wedding... the reception, the food, the dancing... it was just what i wanted.. and i love my family for help puttin it all together!! i just need to start collecting pictures from everyones camera since i didnt have mine...

anyways... here is just a lil peek!!

it's official... we are the mr. and mrs.

after the reception we went and stayed at the Grand Del Mar... way nice.. they had cute strawberries waiting for us... this place was pretty fancy.. i liked it!! we woke up and got pakcakes, an omlet, orange juice, french toast, and sausage... yup... just for the two of us... we know how to eat i guess...

we went golfing... well cj did.. he loved it.. it was really pretty. Hole one is where he finally told me where we were going on the honeymoon... i was so excited... i have been waiting for months to find out!! he is just great!

we went on a boat tour around the island and we went snorkling... the water was amazing

stopped at this beach where the water was beautiful... we were the only ones on the beach!!

we went and found one of these in the deep.... and we ate him... and got to keep the pretty shell

ya... check this out.. i should work for national geographic... because... i took this!!!every night the sunsets were unreal... we had out routine... play paddle ball for an hour... (record is 311) go in the ocean... then pool... then watch the sunset!! i loved it!! we are really good beach bums... and it was the best!!!!

on a sad note... my camera broke on the 4th day... so i didnt capture any moments.... real sad!! but we did get some good ones!! there are too many to post... but i am MARRIED and i LOVE it!!


Brady and Brittany said...

Love your life!!!!! So happy for you!

toni said...

this looks like a great place for a honeymoon!! im bummed your camera broke. You need to get a new one so you can keep me posted on your life. I will update mine too!