Monday, November 14, 2011

the move

Utah is missed... the snow part isn't... i cant lie.. i have been to the pool a couple times during the week.. but we do miss our friends and family.

this is our new adventure.

we were so sad to say good bye to our place #207. we LOVED living there... and driving home to this every night.
Cj and i packed up everything. thanks to our dear friend Jeff... he was the only reason we could get it all packed into our truck. he was a tetris champ!
yes, i was sad.
that night we went to dinner with some of our friends.. to say good bye.

the boys.... i will miss having sleep overs with this couple!!
this girl!! she is the best!
this whole truck was packed... to the tip top. i am amazed it all fit. i thought we should have got the bigger truck... but they guy from budget said it would fit... only one thing broke. that is a miracle.
here is the front room... i will take pictures of the place when it is all done up. haha... that is right people... it still isn't all unpacked. I think we went over kill on packing and moving so fast... we are on a little bit of a strike.
here is the moving crew... thanks for helping. Mercedes and Aaron... they were also a LIFE SAVER... they helped so much. (our friends that live in Newport... with there cute lil babe vera)
this is our walk in closet... haha! cj and i are used to having our own closet... so when we moved here... we were nervous on how it would all fit... snug as a bug!! we share now!! I put a bag of Christmas pine cones in there... it is like walking into a Christmas wonderland in our closet!! i suggest you all do it. SMELLS AMAZING.
this is our new place... #250. home sweet home... for who knows how long.

after we unloaded everything we went to my sisters house in Huntington beach.. because it was AARON's BIRTHDAY!!! (thanks for moving us on your b-day... ) Toni, my sister, got him a new BBQ... him and cj put that bad boy together for the delish bbq we had that night!!
happy birthday!!
that Monday was Halloween... and i surprised bailey that i was snow white... it took her breath away. she had to adjust a little bit when she saw me.. because i really think she thought i was the real deal.. she said it was the "best day ever!!" we danced around and had a princess party!! she was all hyped up on candy!
i was the big freaky princess.... that is also what bailey said to me. haha
Toni felt a little left out.. so bailey got her a princess outfit... so she could dance with us.
this lil babe... is the CUTEST!!! i love her!! brooklynn was a ghost at night..

this is our new spot. we live like 5 minutes from the beach.. and on Sunday.. cj and i went for a walk and then had dinner at toni and aaron's house. we do that often these days. i also hang out with toni a lot... because we are addicted to watching this show called vampire diaries... i suggest you watch... it is a life changer!

anyways.. just a little update. i look for jobs.. bring cj lunch everyday.. and wait for him to get home!! i need hobbies.. haha!!

speaking of lunch... i need to bring my husband some food!!


Brady and Brittany said...

Such a great update!!! I can't wait to come visit. Love your life!

Samantha said...

I love it when you blog. said...

Hobbies...ugh. The worst.
Hope all is well! :) Miss you, two!