Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i love my family

last week i went home for thanksgiving break and it was the BEST!! everyone was home and all the kids!! sad part, my poor mama broke her ankle... so she could sit and watch... when i know she wanted to get up and move.
plus, my mom usually cooks the turkey and the feast on turkey day... man down!!!! so we stepped in... it made me hope that i will always have a house to go to on thanksgiving.. because that was A LOT of WORK!! Samantha (captain of the cooking team), Tera, and i made thanksgiving happen... and is was delish!

we played volleyball almost every night we were there... and we were all so sore.. it was pretty funny. each night we would have to just push through the soreness to play a great game... i think our family is pretty good. (we have improved a ton this week... brittany remillard!!)
the boys went golfing a couple times.. cj got new clubs.. so he was in heaven...
he had to go to the driving range asap to test them out... he likes!!

Saturday was Samantha's birthday!!! we went to the beach earlier in the day... and the weather was dreamy!! that night we went out to a fancy dinner... delish!!! happy birthday sam!!

earlier in the week the kids went and saw Santa... they are the cutest.. just look at them!!
the kids had so much fun all week. all week i was trying to warm up to JOSI baby... she only likes boys really.. but i tried.. she did give me a couple kisses... i am determined to really bond with her over Christmas... here is who she would run to...

ty ty!!
i loved playing with all of them.. but this lil babe brooklynn warms my heart.. look at her.. and her chubby cheeks.. i call her my marshmallow baby!! she loves cj too.. it is pretty dang cute.
i let her hold a cold can... dont worry.. i wont get her on the dc yet.. she is a little too young for that powerful stuff!!

anyways... it was great. my mom had surgery on saturday... so i stayed home till tuesday to help her!! i hate seeing parents in pain, it hurts my heart... but she is a trooper. i got her hooked on the show friday night lights!! haha i tried vampire diaries.. but she is on drugs.. and i think it was a little to jumpy on the drugs for her!! haha next time!! i am glad i am unemployed.. so i can take care of her!!

i enjoy being close to family!! i do miss our family in UTAH!! next holiday... CHRISTMAS!! so excited!!

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