Thursday, September 22, 2011

NEW YORK CITY.. here we come!!

WE MADE IT!!! before we got here we bought the 7 day new york pass... and it saved us like $600 bucks on everything we went and saw... i suggest you get one when you go to nyc. so we stayed in a great place called aka. it was off 44th street right in times square. it had a kitchen (so i got dc in the fridge asap) a washer and dryer... saved our life.. we had a lot of dirty clothes and needed a cleaning to make it through our last week of the trip!

cj was pretty pumped about our place.. look at the pose!!
i loved it!! it also had like a reading room... but it was so close to everything!!
first day in this HUGE city.
we went to this bakery... everyone told us we had to go here... so we did!! then we ate the cupcakes at the top of the rock..
i loved going on top of the rock!! you could see everything!! (i liked it more than the empire state building)
look at the view of central park.
empire in the background..
the building was pretty tall.. we wanted to capture that moment.
after that, we went on a 2 hour boat cruise around the big city!! it was fun to see everything and we went right during sun set, so it was really pretty!!

see.. i dont know how to use my camera.. but it turned out pretty cool.. but still.. i need to take a class because i want to take good pictures.
the next day we went to SOHO... SHOPPING!! i loved it.. we shopped till we dropped. we went to little italy to get some good pizza and we ate it on the side of the road. we love pizza.. i think we got it at least 10 times this trip.
shop till we drop.
that day we also went and saw the new york temple. it was right in the middle of this busy city. i loved it. we also went to church here.. that is on the third floor.
that night we stopped by TKTS... we went here frequently... and got tickets to see this new cirque du soleil show called ZARKANA... i LOVED it!! i know my dad would love it.. i have seen a lot of these shows before... creepy a little, but cool!!
it was at radio city.. the stage was beautiful.

next day: we went to statue of liberty and ellis island.

after we went on a bike ride over Manhattan bridge and brooklyn bridge.. i loved this day.. because we love riding bikes.
we went to this place called Grimaldi's pizza... BEST pizza of the trip! it was a lot of pizza...
we love pizza.
cj did work.. i gave up after 3 pieces... cj had five.. clean plate club members!!
we then biked over the brooklyn bridge.
then we stopped at wall street... captured a pic.
then, to the 9/11 memorial. i got choked up here.. it was really pretty.

the new freedom building.
all the names were around the fountains... some had flowers and pictures by them.

i love fire fighters... we then went to a little museum right next to a fire station... this is where i had tears rolling

this is what triggered my emotions... read it, and you will understand.
this is a window from one of the planes that crashed into the twin towers.
after that, we went to the empire state building...
enjoyed a pretty sunset..

stopped by the public library... also the place where carrie, from sex and the city, was going to get married. i love how i associate things we saw to movies.. i did it a lot. that night we just walked around... and went to bed early.. we were pretty tired.

the next day was museum day.. saw some pretty awesome paintings and artifacts.

this is also the day i became famous!

that is right.. i am on the big screen in times square.. it is all because I LOVE my DIET COKE!!
we walked around 5th ave. fancy stores... i took this pic and people thought we just got engaged!
we had to go here.. the movie big... yup, i was the big kid on this.. as you can see to the left.. the little kids were a hit.
that night we went and saw my 2nd favorite show.. billy elliot!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.. my mom would also love it.. a lot of dancing!

that night we ate a dinner to die for at this place called Tony's.. amazing!!

the following day we went on a wall street tour.. it was very interesting to learn about.. and cj just ate it all up.. someday he wants to work here he says...

the famous bull.
after our tour, we went to Katz's deli... a ton of meat and food!!
then we strolled through the park
and found the most amazing doughnut place.. we got tons of doughnuts.. this is the one food place we came back for right before we left.
that night i was so excited for.. we went to see WICKED!!
we were 13th row.. we were so close.. the music was amazing... best show!!
nuts 4 nuts... cashews were the best... i wanted these because on my show... the kardashians.. they eat them all the time.. haha

next day: bike around central park.. see some museums... went to a wax museum because we could with our pass.. so we were like.. why not.. it was fun... and we saw a show that night.

$100,000 dollar room.. we snuck some pictures.
money!! money!! money!!
next museum... night at the museum... the movie

then we went to the famous wax museum... check it out!! loved! 9 stories high!

went and saw memphis that night.. loved it!!
ate up at the shake shack that night.. got a burger and a shake... yum!!
the next day we met up with erika and her husband josh for brunch!!
then we hung out did whatever during the day.. and saw marry poppins that night!! it was a great day!!

last night in our new favorite city!
our flight left at 7pm.. so we walked around greenwich village.. ate pizza.. and went back to the doughnut place.. they had the coolest bathroom

and we got $22 bucks worth of doughnuts... who freaking does that.. but we did haha.. such beasts!! we got to the airport... and we left.. it was the best trip ever!!! 2 1/2 weeks of pure busy bliss!!! enjoy readers... happy day!!


Brady and Brittany said...

I'm speechless. I think this is the best post you have ever DONE!! I smiled, I cried a little (seriously that 9/11 vm to his wife...), laughed and just LOVED IT!!!!!! It looks like so much fun. I want to do a big trip now!!!!!!

Zak and Emily Smith said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Sara said...

The wax museum pictures are the best pics I've ever seen. I wish I was in that pic with the Spice Girls...

Kaci said...

Awesome is all I can say!