Monday, March 21, 2011

we are back..

we packed our bags and left...
i had a bubble blowing contest with myself... and i won.
i am a good road tripper.
we like trips.

this was our view from our room.... it was nice.
we finally made it. we were ready for the trip to being.
cj really likes trips... look how happy he is to be in vegas.
watch basketball games.
byu won!!
went to the pool. one of the days it was nice... i got a tan line.
cj golfed every morning.... he was in heaven.
he played with his boys.... good trip to vegas.
we went to see phantom of the opera. i loved it!!!
my husband is so great to take a break from his boys and take me on a nice date.
he is a keeper!!

we almost jumped off the stratosphere...
we didnt...
i did it for you pops.
last time i jumped off/out of something (a plane) my pops didnt talk to me for a week!!
next time!!

we went dancing... calvin harris was the dj.
we are kinda into techno these days.... cj gave him a high five!! he was happy about that.

gamblings... we lost... but we came back even.
a.k.a. i lost $150 and cj won it all back at like 4:00am, after we went dancing, i went straight to bed!!

I LOVE TRIPS!!! i want to go on one every weekend.

Next trip.... home sweet home. April 6-11th... i get so see my new niece... she is a lil chunk.. and i love her already!!!


Samantha said...

I was super surprised to see that CJ was taking you to Phantom during March Madness. And i love that you guys went dancing. Jealous.

Rachel H said...

how fun!! i LOVE phantom in vegas! that sounds like a great trip! you guys are cute.

Brady and Brittany said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

brynne said...

your bubblegum blowing contest with yourself might be my favorite thing everrrrr

Erin Lee said...

I love Vegas! I'm going in 3 weeks woo hoo!!!
OK>>>you look so freakin pretty in that last picture of the 2 of you! dang!
Anyway...I am counting down the days. And i will probably have a bubble gum blowing contest by myself as well ;)