Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have been a bad blogger... due to being a bad picture taker!!
i am working on it.
first things first... i bought a new purse that can now fit my camera in it at all times... so times are a changing!!!

Friday night i had to work later... i have been pulling longer days... doing some shows... pretty fun!
after, cj and i went to dinner at the place called EM'S it was DELICIOUS!!! we went all out... typical, we like to eat. scallops and mushrooms for app., this yummy salad with some buttery delish cheese, pork chops with some mashed potatoes, and braised beef... both the bomb... then we ended with some bread pudding and homemade ice cream....ya, WE ARE BEASTS!!
saturday was a big day... we actually went to the gym.

we are going to start attending that place... we are setting some goals... so you will be seeing some physical changes.. hahahah!!
that night, we met up with some friends in heber. Danny and Hanna made some dinner, brit and brady came too!! after, we went to the sweet heber bowling!!!
we played quarters... it was so fun!! i love having friends... because we are pretty anti social lately...

sorry no pictures. they are coming. i just felt i needed to update my followers a lil bit on my life... haha!!

i can's believe it is already FEB. time is flying!!

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Roxy said...

I love these brain dump posts so much. can't wait to see pictures you guys in your bowling league.