Saturday, October 16, 2010


WAKE UP... 7:00am. SO EXCITED!!!
me... i just look beat and really tired... because i really am TIRED. look out he windows... still dark outside.. it is SATURDAY people... i dont even get up this early for work.
YES, it is here!!! BOUNTIFUL BASKETS... we finally signed up and picked it up!!
look inside

in here we got:
2 heads of lettuce
6 bananas
1 huge bag of green grapes
4 tomatoes
5 big carrots
2 cucumbers
4 squash things... i think. i dont know what they are
6 oranges
6 apples
2 pomegranates
1 big broccoli
4 onion things... the kind where there are bulbs at the bottom with tall green things... haha
1 cantaloupe


after that... i dropped cj off at jeff, his brothers house, so they could go golfing. on the way home i saw this tree... look at the leafs. the sun was just starting to come out.

DID IT ALL BEFORE 8:00am on a saturday. impressive right?
i am still tired... i dont know why i didnt jump back in my bed. instead, i blog.
for all my dedicated followers.. here you go!!


Brady and Brittany said...

I love all the recent updating!!!

Samantha said...

Keri when you said the big day is here, and that you woke up early in the morning, I thought it was maybe the day of CJ's test! Nope, bountiful baskets. I love it. And I love the picture of the tree. I really do love Utah in the fall. I remember walking home from campus everyday and the mountain would just be RED from the sunset and the fall. You made me miss that. Sounds like a real nice morning.