Tuesday, May 25, 2010

just a little update...

FRIDAY!!!! toni, aaron, and i are driving to vegas... and cj is flying... and i finally get to see the kid!! it has been a month. that is a long time. on saturday we bought tickets to see viva elvis cirque de soleil... totally pumped!!! i saw love...the beatles one with my family and it was amazing so i am excited to see this one!! i will then continue my journey back to utah where my friends are throwing me a shower on the 1st.. i am so excited to see friends and i am ALMOST MARRIED!!! then that saturday amberlee is getting married and i am a bridesmaid, so i am going to party it up!!
toni graduated on saturday and we had a party with everyone at our house... i got all dressed up for some pics.. we both graduated this year... big year!! so here is a moment... everyone was eating delicious food... i just watched because i still cant eat real food!! i got my tonsils out last monday... every night i only dream about eating a real meal... i am like a baby again. i eat jello, apple sauce, popsicles, ice cream, and yesterday i ate a HOT DOG!!!! let me tell you i was so excited to actually chew on some food... it did hurt to swallow... but i didnt care, it was my first real food, and yes, it was a hot dog!!!
here are the true supporters of toni... we stayed the whole time... while the rest of the family bounced after they called her name for the graduation pretty much!! haha... we were loud i must say... even though i cant yell... we totally dominated when they called toni's name. it was so cute all the lil ones- bailey, owen, and kate kept yelling "go toni"... real cute
my sister... and her friend rania... masters!! way to go!! i also was proud that the both of them left the graduation early because it was taking forever... so they escaped and we were able to beat the crowd!

me and my lil bro.. the family came up for my graduation... it was sweet... they came in this huge van...haha!! dedication!! thanks for truckin up family!
Brandon scott keller and brittany fish... my walking people for graduation!! i love these people
just back stage with some of my friends... mom maid my lei... she is so nice

after graduation cj bought us all tickets to see the jazz game... it was way fun.. we all got papa johns pizza and watched the jazz... thanks dear for the tickets

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