Sunday, February 14, 2010

oh... the 14th

so i thought it was agreed... that this day is over rated... anyways.. i worked this morning and hing out with cj. last night after work cj gave me these pearl ear rings... super pretty!! he is real nice. i heart attacked his car last night.. and today it was like the butt of the jokes at his house because i put really funny things on all the hearts... haha!! but yeah, i have a real nice boyfriend. after that we went bowling for 2 1/2 hours... my arm today was sore, we really are becoming white trash!! haha you think i would be pro by now... nope.. i still suck. i did bowl likw a 165, my all time best, but then cj was giving me a hard time that i wasnt doing it fancy like him... so i had to spin the ball... yeah i suck. anyways.... to all my followers... much love to you on this day of love... spread it around!!!

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Erin Lee said...

whu???? no ring????