Wednesday, January 20, 2010

p.s. i love you...

today i was determined to get this movie... i had a gift card to best buy... so i went... then i remembered my dvd is broken, so i bought one with the gift card. great deal! i also asked if they had p.s. i love you.. sold out!! thats right... it is a hit!! everyone loves it! after that i went to barnes and noble ans got the second book to hunger games... catching fire... i did all this before 7pm... great timing right?? so i just finished the movie and now i am going to crack open my book...

dont worry.... i went to the work... made 40 bucks... spent it. whatever... totally worth it. i am a loser tonight... cj is in salt lake, he also just put an offer on this really cute condo in salt lake.. you step ouside and BAMB... there is the temple.. really pretty!! he is in the big world now... doing grown up things!! haha

amber- flew to dallas tx to be with her husband to be... jesse.

becca-mimi's... working


lisa-is a gimp... had surgery

umm.... yeah, i dont have a lot of friends.. because i dont know what else or who else i would call... anyways.. off to my book


Samantha said...

Some of my best friends are books. And that's a good one.

Erin Lee said...

Okkk.....sooooo...your hair. love it. are you serious? If I could go that short-I could. But I would look like a fat mushroom.
Does your BF know how lucky he is????

Kaci said...

You're going to love it! Plus then if you want to add do your depression and disparity, put in the movie and cry you eyes out. That sounds like a great night to me. Maybe you should take up another hobby--watching tv :)